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Portable Compressed Air Dryer

portable compressed air dryer- blast-pak-pro



The Blast Pak PRO compressed air system, is a single tower deliquescent drying package with conveniently integrated peripherals that are pre-assembled and welded to a forklift skid, allowing maximum portability for mobile drying applications. These compressed air systems can be easily lifted on the back of a truck or trailer and moved about within a plant or worksite.

The Blast Pak PRO is an ideal solution for mobile blasting contractors. Wet compressed air clogs blasting pots and compromises the quality of the blasted substrate by putting moisture back on the surface. This moisture then flashes to rust, necessitating costly re-work.

With an integrated aftercooler, the Blast Pak PRO first cools hot and wet air discharged from the compressor. Cooling forces a substantial quantity of entrained moisture to condense. But even after exiting the aftercooler, the air is still saturated with vapor (100% relative humidity). Next the compressed air passes through the drying vessel, which contains a specially formulated Van Air desiccant called Dry-O-Lite. This desiccant cuts the humidity of the air roughly in half. Finally, air flows through an after-filter to trap any fine particulate matter suspended in the air flow.

The blasting contractor is left with cool, clean and dry compressed air for superior blasting quality and zero downtime.

Blasting contractors: remember that an aftercooler and moisture separator alone do not prevent condensation from occurring downstream. To lower the humidity of blasting air, and prevent condensation from occurring on the blasted surface, a dryer must be used. Dry air is the key to superior surface preparation.

  • Mobile abrasive blasting
  • Painting
  • Rail yards
  • Rentals
  • No electricity required, plug-n-play design
  • Two step interior and exterior paint for longer vessel life
  • F200 filter and muffler to eliminate oil residue from air motor
  • Removable aftercooler assembly for ease of repair / replacement
  • 3/4″ Auxiliary air connection before the dryer
  • Lifting lugs and steel forklift skid for portability
  • Tie downs to secure units for transportation
  • Two sight windows for desiccant viewing
  • Free initial fill of DRY-O-LITE desiccant included and shipped separately
  • 15 years prorated warranty on Dryer Pressure vessel (1st 5 years Full 100% warranty)



The Dry Pak Duo was design that came from the common question we hear, “ Can I get the air even dryer?”. The answer is Yes! The Dry Pak Duo has the same components as the Blast Pak PRO, but with another drying level.

This unit was designed for applications that require lower dew points than what our Dry-O-Lite desiccant can provide. Using two deliquescent dryer vessels in a series enables you to achieve a lower dew point. By using Dry-O-Lite desiccant in the first dryer vessel it will knock out a majority of the moisture. This pre-dryer will also reduce the consumption of 10BF which is in the second dryer. At 100PSIG and inlet temperatures up to 250°F, the Dry Pak Pro Duo can achieve pressure dewpoints down to 29°F using 10BF desiccant.

Along with the two dryer vessels the Dry Pak Duo also includes an aftercooler with air motor, and two F200 series filters. The Dry Pak Pro Duo has no power requirements and can be used anywhere. It has the ability to achieve lower dew points than refrigerated dryers and will not waste away electricity. This low cost system is perfect for small jobs that require super dry air. Larger vessel sizes are available upon request.

  • Painting
  • Sandblasting
  • Shipbuilding
  • Protecting air tools
  • Instrument air
  • Air Cooled Aftercooler with Air Motor
  • 50 SCFM Max Flow Rating
  • No Moving Parts
  • Low Dew Point




The Dry Pak PRO is a portable compressed air system designed for flows up to 185 SCFM. With no power requirements this system can be used virtually anywhere. This portable skid mounted system consists of a D12 Deliquescent Dryer, F200-265 Filter, aftercooler with air motor, rock guard, and a regulator lubricator. The DryPak 150 is a low cost portable air drying system is perfect for small jobs where portability and dry air matter.

  • Ideal for portable 185 CFM diesel compressors
  • Air tools
  • Painting and sand blasting
  • Ship building
  • 10 year vessel warranty
  • 185 SCFM @ 125 PSIG
  • 250 PSIG maximum working pressure
  • Free initial fill of DRY-O-LITE desiccant
portable compressed air dryer - COOL PAK PRO



The Cool Pak PRO is an aftercooler system with a filter/separator which is similar to our Cool Pak but with
one distinct difference. We have placed it on a cart for mobility purposes. After further testing of our
original Cool Pak we realized having the filter/separator at the high point in the aftercooler system can
sometimes cause issues. The liquid created through cooling the compressed air always falls down to the
bottom of the aftercooler since water is heavier than air. Water accumulating and flooding the bottom of
the cooler drastically decreases performance because there is less capacity for the compressed air to be

The Cool Pak PRO solves this problem by being the only aftercooler system designed to be laid
down on it’s back! In this orientation, the filter/separator is moved to the low point in the system which
allows it to actually function as intended. Its affordable, completely portable, and allows for two operating positions.   You can hook it up vertically or lay the Cool Pak Pro down which allows for optimal performance. The cart provides ease of use at the jobsite with a folding handle and wheels; moving from jobsite to jobsite is simple. The idea of this Cool PakPro is to allow jobs to have clean, cool compressed air with the most efficient aftercooler package available on the market.

  • Portable Blasting
  • Construction Sites
  • Protecting Air Tools
  • Small Blast Pots
  • Air Cooled Aftercooler with Air Motor
  • 185 CFM Max Flow Rating
  • Portable Wheel Cart
  • Dual Operating Positions



The Cool Pak is an aftercooler/filter combo for portable air compressors that delivers cool filtered compressed air for portable jobs. Each Cool Pak consists of an air-cooled after-cooler with a 12VDC motor, 25 micron air filter/bulk moisture separator with a manual drain. All of this is conveniently packaged on a steel constructed stand, with a rock guard, and protective cord wrap for ease of portability. The Cool Pak reduces the harmful effects of liquid contaminants. The Cool Pak is designed for use with portable 185 CFM compressors whenever a Dry Pak PRO air dryer is not an economic solution.

  • Portable blastings
  • Construction sites
  • Protecting air tools
  • Small blast pots
  • 50 ft. power cord with clamps
  • Ideal for portable 185 CFM diesel compressors
  • Includes a handle and protective cord wrap
portable compressed air dryer - prep-40



When mobility and portability are essential, turn to the Van Air Systems Prep 40.

The Prep 40 series delivers clean, dry and cool compressed air in one integrated forklift skid package. The package includes an aftercooler, moisture separator, pre- and after-filters, and an HL series heatless dryer.

Prep 40 compressed air dryers have been designed for the rugged demands of the equipment rental industry. Heavy duty structural steel frame work protects key components. The skid is “sled style” allowing it to be easily dragged and pushed about a job site. These dryer skids are as close to plug-n-play as equipment gets. Just hook up compressed air hoses, supply 115v power, and the dryer is ready to begin working.

The Prep 40 will deliver compressed air with a pressure dew point of -40, residual oil content of .008 ppm, and removal of particulates greater than 1 micron. The Prep 40 is ideal for supplying back-up compressed air treatment to a wide range of industrial facilities that have stringent air quality requirements. The Prep 40 is also ideal for meeting air quality standards in pipeline hydrostatic testing, pigging, and dehydration operations.

  • Equipment rental applications
  • Abrasive blasting & painting
  • Plant shutdowns
  • Disaster planning
  • Pipeline dehydration & inspection
  • Completely portable package
  • Pneumatic drain valve included
  • Simple to install
  • Delivers -40°F Dewpoint
  • Lifting lugs and steel forklift skid for portability