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Liquid Discharge Valves

Quam Liquid Discharge Valves

QUAM Liquid Discharge Valves issued from an Heavy Duty Design with Easy Maintenance to achieve the High Reliability and the long–life service requested by Oil & Gas Applications.

Our valves are carefully selected considering the specifications, process conditions and using the experience gained by working with these products and applications for many years.

Our status of excellence

  • Various Valves Configuration
  • Heavy Duty Service
  • Wear Resistant Trim
  • Up to 10000 PSI Rating
quam hydraulic liquid discharge valve

Hydraulic Liquid Discharge Valve - SLH/SDH Series.

quam pneumatic liquid discharge valve

Pneumatic Liquid Discharge Valve - SLP/SDP Series.

quamm hydraulic bypass valve

Hydraulic By-Pass Valve - SLH-300 Series.

quam pneumatic liquid discharge v

Pneumatic Liquid Discharge Valve - GLP/GDP Series.

quam pneumatic ldv

Pneumatic Liquid Discharge Valve - GLP-300 Series.

It is a special control system designed for the liquid discharge for the Oil & Gas industry.
This system is a combination of a gate and angle globe type valves, which can be supplied even loose, mainly installed downstream of the separators for discharging the liquid (mainly water) in excess.
The most requested configuration is called “solid block”, which provides the coupling of the shut down valve and the control valve in a single block. The valves have integral single-acting actuator and can be manufactured either with the body in carbon steel or stainless steel.
Their field performances is guaranteed by the tungsten carbide seat that ensure a high wear resistance and by the on-off gate which guarantees no leakage.
They are normally coupled to a control panel that can be customized with limit switches, solenoid or pneumatic valves, pressure gauges, counter-strokes and other accessories to meet any customer’s requirement.
The materials, the sizes and the available connections allow interchangeability with the valves already in the field. 


Gas separators: installed as on/off valve for liquid blow-down


ANSI design
Available needle, gate & needle, gate & gate types
Wear resistant trim
Extensive range of body/trim materials and options

End connection sizes

Flanged from 1” through 2” ANSI

Pressure ratings

From ANSI 150 through ANSI 2500

Actuation options

Pneumatic / Hydraulic – single acting


Safe and reliable
Short delivery times
Easy maintenance